Practical information about Aalborg




In Aalborg, you will find buses that will take you to almost anywhere in Northern Jutland and the rest of Denmark. There is a timetable at each bus stop and you can expect buses to arrive and leave on time.


Nearly all city buses depart from the bus terminal at John F. Kennedy's square in the city centre.


A timetable is issued twice a year – a summer timetable (“Sommerkøreplan”) and a winter timetable (“Vinterkøreplan”). The summer timetable contains information about service reductions during school summer holidays.


If you use buses regularly, please note that you can buy a monthly bus pass. You can buy the bus pass at the NT Offices located at the bus terminal and the central train station. You can also buy a ten-fare punch card that covers ten bus rides at a reduced price.


Aalborg Bus Terminal
J. F. Kennedy Plads 1
9000 Aalborg
Information: phone (+45) 98 11 11 11




If you are an overseas student, it might be necessary to get a bicycle in Aalborg. A bicycle is a safe, convenient, and popular means of transport in Aalborg. Traffic and the streets are bicycle-friendly: there are bike lanes in the city and its suburbs.


UCN recommends buying a second-hand bicycle at a low price (from approx. EUR 35), for instance at the local police station where stolen bikes are sold at auctions. You can also try the newspaper 'Nordjyske Stiftstidende' which has a section 'Gul og Gratis' every Friday – look under 'cykler'.  



If you wish to travel to another major city in Denmark e.g. Århus, you should consider going by train. The national railroad company is called DSB. There are several small train stations in and around Aalborg, but you will find the most service at the central train station in the centre of Aalborg - next to the bus terminal.


Aalborg Railway Station
J. F. Kennedy Plads 3
Information and seat reservation: phone (+45) 70 13 14 15




Dantaxi - (+45) 98 10 10 10 or (+45) 70 25 25 25


Expect that it is almost impossible to get a taxi on Friday and Saturday nights.



Aalborg Airport is the largest airport in North Jutland. Here you can find hourly departures to and from Copenhagen and connections to lots of other destinations. SAS is the dominant national airline, but the low cost airlines Cimber Air and Norwegian also operate on flights from Aalborg Airport.


Aalborg Airport information phone: (+45) 98 17 11 44

Website with arrivals and departures:  


The bus (line 2) departs from the bus terminal 40 minutes before flight departure. Busses depart from the airport to the city centre approximately 15 minutes after flight arrival.



The address of the local Police Station is:


Aalborg Police Station
Jyllandsgade 27
9000 Aalborg

Phone: (+45) 96 30 14 48 or just 114




In an emergency situation you should always dial 112. It is free of charge to use your cell phone for emergency calls.





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